Areas of Treatment

We have a group of experienced therapists with the skills and training to help with a wide range of symptoms and life challenges. Below are just some of the areas we treat.

The future depends on what you do in the present.

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Do you feel worthless, hopeless or apathetic? Are you struggling to complete daily tasks and constantly tired?

Depression can make life seem overwhelming and leave you struggling more than normal. It’s also hard to deal with because it can be caused by a variety of things… it can be situational and related to something that’s happening or happened in your life. Depression also runs in families and can have a genetic component. It can even be some combination of all of those causes. Our therapists can help you challenge your negative self-talk, gain the skills to overcome your depression and build a life worth living.

Life Transitions

Are you going through a major life transition? Are you struggling to adapt to your new role or environment?

Change is an inevitable thing in most people’s lives. Change can cause a large amount of stress in someone’s life whether it be positive (i.e,. getting married), or negative (i.e., losing a job). We are here to help you navigate your new normal and help you transition as smoothly as possible.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT is an approach that was originally designed to help people who struggle with Borderline
Personality Disorder (BPD). However, research on the use of this approach demonstrates
effectiveness with many other mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, addiction,
eating disorders and more. It is especially helpful for though who struggle regulating their
emotions which often leads to broken relationships and feelings of low self-worth. Practically
speaking, the DBT approach is very effective because the skills that participants learn are
organized, specific in their design, easy to understand and are proven scientifically to help.
Whether you are struggling to find worth in your life or dealing with high levels of stress, everyone can create a more satisfying life using the skills learned in this

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Are you constantly worried that something will go wrong or that something bad will happen to a loved one? Do you struggle to make decisions because you fear you might be making the wrong one? Do you have trouble sleeping because you just “can’t turn your mind off” at night? If so, you may be struggling with anxiety.

Whether you’ve struggled with anxiety since you were or a child or it has recently developed, our therapists will help you gain the coping skills that you can use over and over again to help manage your anxiety and feel in control of your life.

Anger Management

Do you feel as though you are always angry? Or perhaps you feel constantly surrounded by people that trigger your anger? Has your anger caused problems for you?

Anger is a normal part of our lives and can often be a healthy human emotion. Sometimes, however, anger can become destructive. It can lead to problems in both your professional and personal life and make you feel as though you are out of control of your emotions. We are here to help you understand your anger and to gain the skills to feel in control of your emotions- even when you cannot control the people and situations around you.

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Are you struggling to cope with a traumatic event? Are you struggling to “forget” something that happened to you? Do you often feel like you can’t control your thoughts and they “pop up” at times you can’t control? Do you feel numb and avoid reminders of the event?

You don’t have to suffer anymore. Through a variety of techniques we can help you process and overcome the effects of the event you experienced. We cannot erase what happened to you but we can give you the power to move on and rebuild your life.

Couples/Family Relationships

Are you struggling with close relationships in your life? Do you feel like your partner or family member does not understand you?  Maybe there is a breakdown in communication, and you are at the end of your rope. Relationships can be challenging but we can help. 

Couples/family counseling is a form of psychotherapy. It helps couples and families of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Couples counseling typically includes both partners, but you may also choose to work through these issues alone. Family counseling may involve parents as well as children depending on the presenting problem. We will offer support and guidance whatever direction you choose to take. 

We will work with you to identify specific areas of conflict or tension and come up with a plan to help improve everyone’s level of satisfaction and contentment. Trying couples/family counseling is not admitting defeat—it is an important step to helping restore family harmony.

Life is not meant to be lived this way. Therapy can help you learn strategies to feel better. Let’s build something together.

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